Welcome to GeoVisualizer

Welcome to the GeoVisualizer project. The GeoVisualizer application provides the opportunity to visualizer different kinds of data and simulation results in a geographical three-dimensional context. The data types which are handled by the GeoVisualizer reach from 1-D data, e.g. georeferenced measurements of precipitation, to temporal 3-D datasets, e.g. 3-D air pollution time series. The GeoVisualizer is based on NASA's World Wind SDK. Currently, we are using a customized version of the World Wind SDK 2.0.0.

The GeoVisualizer application includes different viewing modes, e.g. for large screens, stereoscopic displays, to enable the user to utilize such hardware and reach a higher level of immersion into, and understanding of, the data. To have a look at the GeoVisualizer application head for the Demo section.

The user interface of the GeoVisualizer application showing air quality measurements.


The GeoVisualizer application was one challenging part of the European project SUDPLAN.

The GeoVisualizer application uses the Open Icon Library. For more information about the inividual licenses, please visit here.